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Three cats sleeping with their heads together on a blanket


Ifrinnach Asians is the prefix of Charlotte Davey & Ian Royle. We are based in Dunbar, Scotland. 

We decided to start breeding after experiencing the absolute joy and uniqueness of owning Asians ourselves. It started with Bubs wandering in to the garden and we've now got five of them! Our main reason for getting in to breeding is to spread this joy with other people.

Everybody who meets them for the first time (friends, family, delivery drivers, repairmen etc.) always exclaim "I didn't know cats could be like this!", and that's such a shame. Asians are friendly, outgoing, curious. playful, but also closely attuned to their humans - if you need space, they give you space. If you want to play, they'll play until you're bored. If you need a hug - well, this picture is 3 of them on Charlotte's knee after a particularly hard day at work.

We had our first litter in February 2021 and are registered with the GCCF and committed to following their code of conduct and ethics. Once updates to their breeder scheme have been finalised we will be joining that as well. In 2022, we elected to apply for a breeding license from East Lothian Council which was granted to us following a thorough inspection by a vet. 

Our kittens are raised in a home environment with everything kept to the highest of standards. 

We also raise the profile of the breed by attending GCCF shows  - mainly in Scotland and the North of England but sometimes as far as Birmingham and the Midlands.  

We are members of the Asian Group Cat Society and Charlotte is currently serving as Treasurer for the club and sits on the Asian Breed Advisory Committee.

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