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13 kittens of various colours on a bed looking at the camera

We can't speak highly enough of this superstar. Heather bred 4 of our babies and got us in to the world of shows and breeding. She also bred many of our other friends and family listed below. Her dedication to the breed and tireless work for the cat fancy is difficult to match but we promise to try. Thank you so much for trusting us with your babies x

Cagaran Cats - Heather McRae

A light brown cat with darker markings and large yellow eyes looking at the camera

Sarah is one of our most important friends - she bred Bubs! All those years ago. If we hadn't met him, I'm not sure we would ever have known about Asians. Which is weird as we honestly can't imagine life without them now.


Alex is a good friend who took Mayflower (Grand Champion Ifrinnach Cordelia) from Pickle's last litter. Their bond is incredible and Mayflower is working her way up the ranks on the show bench as well! We couldn't be prouder of this pair

Alex & Mayflower

A light coloured cat with mid-brown markings posing on a white blanket

Our good friend Erica breeds Asians under the prefix Pouncealot and took a lot of the lovely photos on this site! She's always at shows with her camera, and when Charlotte is caught up and forgets to take photos of anything, it's a lovely surprise to get an Erica photo in her mailbox the next day. Erica is also the proud owner of Ziggy - Boop's boyfriend. Boop generally doesn't like other cats very much but she is OBSESSED with Ziggy.

Pictured is the beautiful IGRCH Pouncealot Dame Purralot (Elsie) from her first Pouncealot litter.

Pouncealot - Erica Bates

A broad-headed black cat with silver showing underneath and large, intense green eyes

Brodie gets his own section for  a number of reasons. First, he's Vizzie & Zori's Dad, Boop's Uncle and Weeyins Great Uncle. Secondly, he is the most polite, handsome, a snuggly boy I've ever met.

Brodie - UK IGrCh & IGrPr Cagaran Plathach


Laura is a lovely breeder of Russian Blues who started breeding around the same time as us. It's great to have someone to chat to when starting out and we always love seeing her at shows

Lapochka Russian Blues - Laura Still

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