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Pickle & Luna

It all started when I watched a video that Charlotte posted on Facebook of a beautiful mamma cat,

Pickle, and her four lovely kittens.  I watched the regular video updates and couldn’t stop thinking

about one of the kittens, “Little Red Thing” that wasn’t yet booked. 

A couple of weeks later I visited a cat show in Lanark and completely by chance, bumped in to

Charlotte.  She introduced me to Boop, who she was showing that day and told me a bit about the

breed. We had a chat about the kitten she still had available and I told her that that I had hoped to

get two kittens.  Charlotte then mentioned that she had been thinking of retiring the Mum, Pickle.

Charlotte suggested that I come to meet the cats to see if we were a good fit for each other.

A date was arranged to visit and Charlotte and Ian also invited us to stay for dinner. This was great

as it gave us plenty of time to learn more about the breed and also for us to get to know each other.

I was totally smitten with all of the cats and kittens.  They were all beautiful and each had their own

individual little personalities.  We both thought that it would be wonderful to rehome Pickle with

one of her kittens and the deal was done and “Little Red Thing” became Luna!  Charlotte and Ian

invited me to their home a few times more, and it was great to see the kittens’ growth and

development. Pickle and Luna already seemed to have a really close bond. A date was arranged for

us to get the cats after immunisations and spaying were done. Charlotte gave loads of advice on

litter and cat trays, food, toys and pet insurance.

Pickle and Luna were brought to us by Charlotte and Ian in September 22.  They came for dinner and

stayed awhile to ensure the cats were okay. The cats settled in very quickly. They were eating well,

and were fully litter tray and cat post trained. 

Pickle is a cat of two halves.  She is quirky, independent, strong willed and definitely the boss.  She is

also very affectionate, lying on our laps and snuggling under the duvet with us in bed (Luna never far

behind).   She loves to bring us her “prey” (rabbit toys), wailing loudly and demanding approval,

which is hilarious.  Pickle also likes her alone time curled up in one of her cat beds. 

Luna is curious, daft and quite happy for Pickle to be in charge. She is the sweetest, prettiest little cat

you will ever see.  She loves to play fetch and this can go on for quite a while!  She follows us around

the house, and will shout at us for attention. 

Getting two cats together has turned out very well.  They are both extremely close and they look

after and entertain each other.   They often get the zoomies, both of them tearing up and down the

stairs and around the house, and rolling around toy fighting.   They both love to chill out in the

conservatory watching the birds and the squirrels.

We are completely blessed having Pickle and Luna share our home with us. Asians are a wonderful

breed and no home should be without one (or two, or three……)!!

Jill Calder


After (re)searching hard to find a loving and caring expert who’d be able to help me start my feline family, I was so fortunate to alight upon Charlotte and Ian at Ifrinnach.

They were conscientious every step of the way and was wonderfully reassuring to be able to visit regularly and have video updates of the whole litter’s growth.

The early stages of life are so important for cats (and humans!) and the Ifrinnach home is full of nurture and love.

Warm, helpful and with all the right values in all the right places I couldn’t feel more blessed with the 3 cats now filling my home with joy.

Alistair Scott

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