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Cagaran Ialach Milis-Abbanach

(Sunny spells between Scottish showers)

A very little lady with a very big name! (See our blog "What's in a name?" for the story of how that happened).

Weeyin's official pet name is Duffy, but she's most often called Weeyin or Pickle (or Ickle Pickle!)

We didn't intend to get Weeyin. We had been talking about breeding and getting a girl to start with, but we wanted a Tiffanie (a long haired Asian) and we wanted one from a different mother. Then Heather sent me a message saying "You HAVE to see this kitten" and we immediately fell in love. 

She settled in to the house incredibly quickly and Zori immediately claimed her as "his" kitten, it's actually incredibly hard to talk about her without talking about him.

Despite the bonded relationship with Zori, she is incredibly independent and doesn't need to be with people and other cats as much as the others do. She loves to play with toys and Zori's tail and has made a dent in flower beds rolling around in her favourite spot.

Since having her kittens in February 2021 she has become a bit more aloof and spends a lot of time by herself but that's hormones for you. She's still incredibly loving and will come immediately if she hears toys or treats.

Weeyin is a Chocolate Tortie Smoke Burmese Colour Restriction Asian Shorthair. The 'Smoke' part of that means that her chocolate bits look like a solid colour, but when you turn her fur backwards, it's actually silver underneath. She was bred by our friends Heather & Richard McRae.

Weeyin's Sire (Dad) is Boop's brother Zoli - Ch Cagaran Xolani, and her Dam (Mum) is Ch Shadows Pixie of Cagaran, making her niece to Boop and second cousin to Vizzie & Zori.

She has now been neutered and has gone to a lovely forever home with one of her kittens. We'll be forever grateful for everything she has given us.

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