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A cat walking towards the camera with intense green eyes


Cagaran Vizzie

(One who watches)

Vizzie is the big sister of the family. She sits underneath Weeyin in the hierarchy but still looks after her and there rest of the gang, always checking in on them and building friendships.

Vizzie is a bit different to the others as she comes from an Outcross Programme. Breeders sometimes use a cat from a different breed to introduce or enhance characteristics, but also to reduce the amount of inbreeding in their lines. In Vizzie’s case, her grandmother was an Ocicat. That means that by nature, Vizzie is more intelligent and curious, and she also forms a closer bond to a single human rather than the whole household. 

If something naughty happens in the house, Vizzie either did it or convinced one of the others to do it. Paw print in the butter dish? Vizzie. Food box chewed open? Probably Zori but Vizzie will be sitting on the other side of the room watching having told him to do it in the first place. Someone opened a door? Vizzie. She enforces the rules if we’re watching, but if she thinks she can get away with breaking them she’s straight on it. 

For example, they are all trained not to touch the Christmas tree. Zori was batting at a bauble while we were in the room so Vizzie told him off by batting him round the head. As soon as she thought we weren’t looking though, she carefully unhooked it from the tree and gave it to him!

Vizzie has always been the first to welcome newcomers in to the house. While Boop goes in a mood and lashes out, Vizzie will be curled up and playing with the newcomer within days.  

Vizzie is a Brown Silver Ticked Tabby Asian Shorthair bred by our friend Heather & Richard McRae.

Her Sire (Dad) is Brodie - UK IGrCh & IGrPr Cagaran Plathach and her Dam (Mum) is Hailey - Cagaran Haillie-a-Jo (MC). This makes her half sister to Zori, cousin to Boop, and second cousin to Weeyin.

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